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Monday, December 14, 2009

Jasper Reports demo documentation project

Jasper Reports is one of several well known and well established open source reporting frameworks.

One thing it lacks badly is good documentation, I believe it's a safe claim that anything beyond the regular most basic report structure will throw you straight into googling, example files and forum posts. iReport will help, documentation will be somewhat helpful as well, but do be prepared for the moment when even these paths fail, that's when you will stand at the face of either commercial support or diving into the code of the engine.

Downloading the demo jrxml files

To help the community a little bit, I'm starting a little documentation project for the examples supplied with Jasper Reports source distribution which can be obtained by checking out the source code or by downloading the latest dist from here. All this in the hope to lower the learning curve and allow easier adoption by casual report dev folks.

Several more source of information for Jasper Report Developers

Jasper Reports Demo files Index

Written guides are hyper-linked - This is work in progress I will be editing this post as more guides are published.

[maximv@mldev2 JasperReports]$ find jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/ -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -type d | sort
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/alterdesign
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/antcompile
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/barbecue
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/barcode4j
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/batchexport
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/beanshell
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/charts
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/chartthemes
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/crosstabs
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/csvdatasource
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/datasource
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/ejbql
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/fonts
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/genericelement
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/groovy
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/hibernate
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/horizontal
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/hyperlink
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/i18n
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/images
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/jasper
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/java1.5
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/javascript
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/jcharts
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/jchartscomponent
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/jexcelapi
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/jfreechart
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/landscape
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/list
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/markup
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/mondrian
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/nopagebreak
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/noreport
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/noxmldesign
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/openflashchart
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/pdfencrypt
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/poi-3.5
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/printservice
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/query
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/rotation
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/scriptlet
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/shapes
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/stretch
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/styledtext
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/subreport
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/table
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/tableofcontents
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/templates
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/text
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/unicode
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/virtualizer
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/webapp
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/xlsdatasource
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/xlsformula
  • jasperreports-3.7.0/demo/samples/xmldatasource

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